Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship – A Boon for the Lonely Parents and Grandparents

Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship – A Boon for the Lonely Parents and Grandparents


Life is always lonely without your family members even though you have your friends. This is because the feeling of oneness and support for anything happening around or the happiness of sharing positive things tete-e-tete cannot be felt. But, for our parents and grandparents it is surely going to be a nightmare because their retirement takes a toll on their old age and for us, we at least have some support. But now, long distances can be covered because there is a facility for parents and grandparents sponsorship to Canada immigration which gives them a chance to be close to their near and dear ones.

Canada is really known for reunion of a member with his family. The main requirement is that the citizen should be a permanent resident of Canada and in this way he/she can sponsor for their respected family members. On May 10, 2013 it was known that CIC will be accepting applications for Parents and Grandparents program. This has surely brought a smile on the faces of those applicants whose application was on hold for a certain time period. If the application submitted is successfully accepted you just need to present your visa or other travel documents. A detailed Canada Visa service process has to be followed for getting a green signal for immigration to Canada of senior citizens.

The Canada Visa process starts with changes like:-

  • An increase of 30% in the minimum necessary income (MNI) and this increase will remain valid for 3 years and he will have to show the required documents needed for the sponsorship of the respective applicant.
  • Evidence of the documents will be checked and then issued by the Canada Revenue Agency. Only the assessment done by CRA will be accepted rest all the documents will be rejected.
  • Later, the maximum sponsorship time will be till 20 years which means the sponsored person is responsible for payment of any provincial benefits to be paid to the parents or grandparents for 20 years.
  • Evidence documents of the relation of the parent/grandparent with the sponsor will be checked and also the letter of invitation will be needed for further verification.
  • A Medical Insurance of the respective applicant which should be valid for a minimum one year period is also required.

If we follow the procedures mentioned above then it is surely easy for Grandparents or Parents to visit their beloved family members. We still have Social connections like Facebook, Yahoo and Skype which help for a digital communication but the feeling of being together varies a lot than this type of communication. Senior retirement is becoming difficult as our old citizens have to live their day-to-day life without any support. So, if immigration has become easy now, why not take advantage of it. The CIC has given its decision of sponsorship and now it is upon us as to how we get our closed ones more near and just with us.