Business Category

The Business Immigration program seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada who will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. The potential applicant is expected to make an investment and must meet certain experience and/or net worth criteria.

There are three main categories of business immigration through which permanent residence in Canada may be obtained and they are as follows:


Business people with a business or management experience who are interested in immigrating to Canada, may apply for permanent residence under this category.


Persons who have successful experience starting and running their own business. To qualify under this category you should have business experience, net worth in Canadian dollars and intentions to start a business in Canada. It is mandatory to start a business in Canada after immigration.


This category is for persons who are able to start a small business that creates a job for themselves. The applicant should have experience in being self-employed or relevant work experience. The applicant should have sufficient funds to start their own business. However, there is no minimum net worth required to qualify under this program.

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